Google plus share url

I saw on stack overflow today that you could make your own designed share button to Google + just as you can do to Twitter, Facebook and other social websites. That is, a url to Google where you can submit your url as a parameter for the client to be able to share it easily. With this future we are able to create our own design and are no longer restricted to simply use Google’s.

The url is as follows:

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Syntax highlighting with Prettify

If we want to present code on a webpage then we have some different tools that can help us by coloring the code according to the syntax. The options we have is basically one of two things, server or client-based. I have chosen to use a client based script because I don’t want to “pollute” the outputted html code.

Prettify is a javascript which is released under the license Apache License 2.0. The code can be downloaded at Google code. I’ve chosen to use this script over other equivalents because I feel it’s more flexible, stable and faster.
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